Departments Of Markaz

1. Department of Preaching and Propagation :

The Markaz has always been super sensitive and proactive as regards with preaching and propagation. All the administrative, staffs, teachers and workers are more than ready whenever the demand arises and the wherever the situation calls for. The teachers, especially, are sent to different parts of the area for Jumah Sermon and attend as well as hold conferences, meetings and functions to fulfil the duty of preaching and discharge the responsibility of propagation.

2. Department of Ifta (Islamic Jurisdiction and jusrisprudence) :

One of the distinguishing feature of Markaz is that it satisfactorily handles with all the questions and queries about Islam from near and far in the light of Quran, Hadith and Islamic Shariah and pronounces its verdict accordingly.

3. Department of Publication:

The Markaz pays full attention to this department as there are four books in various languages that have been published by now. Books like “Bulughul Maram Min Adillatil Ahkam Tahqiq w Taliq” has already been published and are available in and outside the country.

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