A Glance at Markaz Taabah At-Talimi

All praise due to Allah alone and peace and blessings be upon the last prophet.

Being located just one km away from Jalalgarh railway station and one and a half km away in the west of Jalalgarh bus stand on N.H.57 in Farooque Nagar, Jalalgarh, in Purnia District in the state of Bihar, Markaz Taabah At-Talimi is constantly providing educational, national, social, religious and charitable services to all the students from near and far. The Center was originally founded and established at the hands of Maulana Serajul Haque S/O Mohammad Luquman (M.A in Madinah university). Though the center is situated in a flood-affected backward area, it is still determined to impart the light of education through various institutions like Jamia Safia Al-Islamia Lil-banat for Girls education and Ma’hadul furqan Li-Tahfizil Quran for memorization of the Holy Quran and Taabah International School for modern education, where a total staff of 50 teachers and workers help handle the strength of 750 students successfully. The Markaz always remains proactive in fulfilling the needs of orphans, poor students, flood victims and the people in need. The Markaz has the privilege to have many great Islamic scholars and noble visitors like:
Dr. Abdullah bin Hamud al Amaj, Professor at Jamiah Al-Imam Muhammad bin Saud Al-Islamia
Mr. Muhammad bin Muhsin Bin Ibrahim Al-Dibaji A-riyaz
Dr. Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman Al-Hajabi, chief editor at Maktab al-dawah bil Khirfa (Saudi)
Mr. Abdul Rahman Sad Al zair Jamiah Ummul Qura Makkatul Mukarramah
Mr. Ali bin Abdur Rahman Al-Sahibani, the educational supervisor for the Arabian Schools
Dr. Abdussalam bin Hasan Al-Flikawi Al-Kuwait
Mr. Shalwan Misfar Al-Hajri Al_Kuwait
Mr. Asghar Ali Imam Mahdi Al-salafi Al-madani, Head Markazi Jamiat Ahle-Hadis Al-Hind
Mr. harun Sanabli, General Manager at Markzi Jamiat Ahle-hadis Al-Hind
Dr. Husain Abu Bakar Koya, Kerla.
Mr. Mohammad Khalid Nadwi, Ghazi Puri, the Professor of Islamic theologies at Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulema Lacknow
Mr. Asadullah Nadawi, head of the teachers at Darul Uloom Ahle Hadis Jodh Pur Rajisthan.
Mr. Mohammad Ali Al- Madani president of Jamiati Ahli Hadidh Bihar.
Mr. Mohammad Ashfaque As – Salafi Teacher Darul Uloom Ahmadia Salafia Darbhanga.
Mr. Inamul Haque Al- Madani Secratary of Jamiati Ahli Hadidh Bihar.
Dr. Amanulah Al- Madani Teacher of Masjid An- Nabavi Ash- Sharif in Madinah.
Dr. Ibrahim s/o Abdul Gafur Al- Madani Secratary of Jamiati Ahli Hadidh Purnia.
Mr. Mohammad Rizwan As- salafi president of Jamiati Ahli Hadidh Purnia.
Mr. Zaki Ahmad Al- Madani Kolkata.
Mr .Mohammad Maroof As- Salafi Kolkata.
And many other sophisticated and highly respected guests from all across the world blessed the institution with their presence at several auspicious occasions.

May Allah grant them the best reward in this life and in hereafter!

Here we present to you a brief glimpse of the achievements and the developments of the Markaz in this very short period of time with the Grace of Allah Subhanhu Watala:
1. The establishment of separate academic institutions for both, boys and girls which are fully equipped to impart modern and contemporary education.
2. The establishment of Translation and Research Centre that has already successfully translated various Urdu, Hindi and Arabic books that are available in the market in India and beyond.
3. The setup of Darul Ifta (Department for Islamic Jurisdiction and jurisprudence) that deals with all types of questions regarding Islamic Law and Shariah and accordingly issues Islamic decree.

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